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Giving Back

Stickslate is honored to support the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), a patient advocacy organization focusing on rare disorders impacting millions of people every day - the vast majority being children.

Stickslate's founder knew before he started his backpack journey many years ago that philanthropy would be a critical component to any business he helped build. So why NORD?

Just think for a minute how much funding could possibly be available for a disorder impacting only a few thousand people, as opposed to one that is shared by millions. The answer is not nearly enough. Also think about being in the shoes of a parent, sibling or any other caregiver who has dedicated themselves to helping a loved one with a rare disorders. There are unfortunately far more questions than answers, and in many cases no proven or effective treatments.

Stickslate would not only like to support NORD for the individuals who live with one of the thousands of rare disorders each and every day, but also for all the family members, friends and caretakers who are also committed to the fight every single day!

So, how can we collectively make a difference? For every Stickslate order at www.stickslate.com, 3% of the revenue will be donated to NORD. In addition, we would greatly appreciate additional donations using the following link:


Thank you for your support!