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Stickslate was originally founded in 2012 by Chad Donahue with a simple backpack idea in mind. With help from several business partners and a little luck along the way, Stickslate became a reality and we couldn't be happier to finally introduce our products to the world.

Stickslate is the first open source backpack company on the market. With Stickslate’s patented design, the options to design and add utility function to your backpack are virtually endless. At its core, Stickslate offers a well constructed backpack with a comfortable ergonomic design. This only scratches the surface for this new innovative brand.

Imagine being able to interchange color combinations and affix stickers or any other design element to your bag. In addition, also attach your electronics, school supplies, containers, pockets, etc to the outside or inside of your bag. Ultimately Stickslate provides a platform for consumers to express their individual creativity and style. In addition, our open source model will allow individuals and business partners alike to design and/or sell accessories, further expanding our brand and open source concept.